Hola from Argentina!

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Hi, my name is Martin. Turned 40 some weeks ago. I'm from Argentina. (I think @Gaston_Jauregui is from here too, and it came as a pleasant surprise listening @Ken Tamplin in one of his videos saying that he lived some time over here, due to his son's career in soccer.)
I have been singing amateurish for the most of my life. School choir in my child days. In my early 20s felt in love with Metal, mostly Power and NWOBHM. Back in those days I formed a band, singed a couple of times live. But it was has hard to reach the high notes (although my falsetto has always been quite good), so I got singing lessons. I had three different female teachers (sopranos all of them, one even was my girlfriend :tongue:), but none ever taught me about bridging, and I somehow suspected it was something very important... (Specially if I wanted to sing high pitched good metal stuff.)

I quitted my lessons due to lack of time and inspiration. But one day at church someone heard about my singing skills and invited me to join the choir at mass. So I happily resumed my singing, this time for the Lord o:) . (Glad to find out that Ken is also a Christian! I love when he tells about the amphitheater God has put us in our throats. Amen!) And since my middle 20s I've been singing mostly at church, and even joined a Liturgical -classical style- choir for some years. Being a Catholic from Buenos Aires I was blessed to sing more than once in masses conducted by a man called Jorge Bergoglio, who later happened to head to Rome, dress in white, and change his name to Francis.

So... this year longing to resume training my vocals I found some online lessons on Speech Level Singing (SLS), believing it would lead me to my long time aspiration to become a skilled Metal vocalist. I has happy to start training systematically to bridge. However found it difficult to apply that style to my 'real world' singing. And one day I providentially found about KTVA. I was skeptical respect to 'bel canto', since all my former teachers advocated Italian singing style, and none taught me to go as high as the metalhead inside me always desired. But when I saw the Eagle Fly Free video in YouTube by KTVA's students and Ken discussing about Helloween's superb vocalists (who did it better...) I was absolutely convinced that this man surely knew how to teach me to sing Metal! B)

I've been doing Volume 1 for a couple of months already. And really started to see the results quite soon. My chest is stretching (the call register and vocal track shaping were the missing links!), my bridging is improving, and most importantly: I can apply this style to my daily singing. <3

Hopefully one day I would be able to sing Metal in a band again. (Perhaps this time for the Lord in a Christian band... That's my dream.)
I already found a bass player: yep, I'm learning that too. So, singing high with my voice, and low with my hands is my new game! :lol:

God bless you!



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