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Larynx movement

I watched a video that was not Ken Tamplin's and they said one way to really develop range is to feel your larynx with your hand and when you change notes see if it raises up or down. They said to work on not moving it up or down. Idk if this is actually true, or just a quick-fix gimmick, can somebody explain this? I'm coming to KTVA for the answers!


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    KTVA trains you to start with a lowered laryngeal position with the mindset of eventually defaulting to a neutral position. This is because most people tend to raise the larynx as they go higher eventually pinching off the throat. Starting lowered will help to break that habit. For a decent part of your low mid to high mid range your larynx can stay in the same position, it may move up a tiny bit going higher but you want control over what its doing and not let it take over. Alot of the sound should come from an open throat with good support and cord closure. When you get way down into the bottom of your range, you will be moving the larynx into a lowered or even hyper lowered position.

    Even with all this, you can allow your larynx to move as much as you want when singing, BUT it should only be with purpose and for effect. Some singers have a froggy sound in their mid voice, its how they sing and if you want to try and copy their sound its what you will have to do, but listen closely when they get into a higher range and nearly every time you'll hear a tone change as they open up because they cant continue to bring that kind of tone up top.
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