I tested my vocal range today. My voice is well enough to be accurate today. I was able to hit an A2 (without any vocal fry or that bumpy, not-very-solid low note sound) and peaked at a G5. My G5 was definitely head voice. Will I ever be able to bring chest voice that high? How can I expand? I'd like to go both lower and high. My goals are to expand my range from an F1 to a Bb6. Is that an unreasonable goal? Also another goal I have is to be able to sing for like, idk 4 hours. Is that unreasonable?


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    Hi there and welcome to the forum 🙂 they are lofty goals that will likely need more than a year (even several) to achieve. Everyone has the ability to grow their voice, as well as limiting genetic factors that may or may not be overcome. You can only give it your honest and best shot.

    I'm pretty sure a G5 in full chest is very rare, more likely you'll be aiming for a strong mix or bright timbral head voice to match your chest. I found that my range extended down by a few notes naturally once I understood open throat and could achieve the ping. My resonators seemed to open up and what used to be a mouth full of cotton in my lower range cleared up. To continue training down you'll want to lower your larynx and have patience just like growing it up.

    Singing for 4 hrs is achievable, bit like everything else, you need to slowly work up to that work load.
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    Welcome!! You got this!!
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