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Allegedly Tom Cruise learned to sing in three months. What do you think? (Correction SIX Months)

For the movie Rock of Ages Tom Cruise learned to sing. Reportedly over the course of three six months he took three five hours of personal singing lessons everyday. And the results are pretty doggone good.
"Pour Some Sugar on Me"


"Rock You Like A Hurricane" (Sorry, I guess that wasn't him, but some woman instead)
"Paradise City"


I'm sure there involved studio trickery, etc to make him sound like this, but regardless he sounds way better than I do and I've been practicing for years.

Is it really possible to build that much of a voice in such a short time? Was it the personal training or the time spent that got these results?

(Edit) Here is a small snippet of live singing (Starts 55 seconds in).


Edit 2: 17 seconds in. This is more recent, and he doesn't sound too impressive here. Maybe he hasn't been doing any exercises.



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