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Here’s the link to me singing You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

As y’all know I’ve been trying to train to have a more rock sound! I just started so I’m not expecting to be great at it! Trust me it won’t be perfect lol!! But I feel like if I keep training and eventually invest in the course I’ll be able to reach my goal!! Resonance and building my chest voice to have a powerful/stronger voice is something I’m in the process of doing but I love the positive atmosphere on this forum and the constant encouragement and advice given here to really help each other out with our singing journeys cuz everyone is different and starts somewhere! here is the audio recording lmk what y’all think!



  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Congrats on your first upload :smile:

    This is a monster song, no doubt about it. I would say its not a great song to try and train your chest voice because it takes tremendous control and power to sing it like the original. You can try to lower the key if you want to keep using the song, but at the moment you are almost exclusively in head voice through out. Part of the reason scales are so good for training is because they concentrate on certain aspects of your voice and can be very simple so you can focus on pure technique. A good song to practice with after your vocal workouts could be Joan Jett "I love rock and roll". Its not too high, has a fairly simple melody and is fun to sing.
  • RocknRoll_AriRocknRoll_Ari Member Posts: 50
    Well thank u sm for all the advice! It definitely is an awesome song I love AC/DC and I would have to say I definitely do agree that I probably did use more of my head voice for this song. I will take the advice of building the technique through scales and I will upload a cover once I sing along to the song u suggested!!
  • RocknRoll_AriRocknRoll_Ari Member Posts: 50
    Brian Johnson may not be the best voice type to try to train for specifically chest voice just cuz he uses a lot of constraint on his vocal cords and he uses his head voice a lot although I love him and I absolutely love his sound with the rock n roll resonant sound, he definitely uses head voice a lot and being a soprano I’ve been trained to use head voice all the time which isn’t much help to me strengthening my chest voice which I consider the powerhouse of the voice from the powerful sound u get from using chest voice more! Which is why I love that tone more than head voice and am trying to train it to be more powerful. So I’m definitely going to go with ur suggestion and use the warm ups and exercises Ken has on his yt in his chest voice and resonance videos
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