Hello, it's me

Hi to everybody, i'm so glad to join this forum and share and learn music with you!
My name is Brian, i'm 37.
I grow up listening to Queen music,i was 8 years old when i discovered them thanks to dad, then in the 90's i was a teen ager and it was fantastic. So much band! So great music! I would not write them all, but my favourites were Faith no more, Gnr, Soad.
I started to play guitar when i was 15 because i thought i was not able to sing :smile: and because Slash inspired me.
I've always played for fun and i 've reach a good level with guitar, but recently i broke my right hand and i'm not as good as before, so i think that it's time for me to learn how to sing.
I love to sing and i know i'm not so good yet , but i will be! That's the reason why i'm here.
I've started to take private lessons from a vocal coach one month ago, so i'm at the very beginning.
I'm a baritone, i don't know my range yet, but i will work on it.
I'm watchin all Ken's free video for now, but as soon as i will feel confident i will subscribe his course.
Onother reason that put me into this is my health: i'm a smoker, i smoke 40-60 cigarettes everyday , and now that i'm getting older it's time to reduce and stop that. I smoke since i was 14 and it's very hard to stop, so i need a reason to do it.
And that 's all!
I share two small samples from my ig stories, that's all i have for now.




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