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Hi to everybody, i'm so glad to join this forum and share and learn music with you!
My name is Brian, i'm 37.
I grow up listening to Queen music,i was 8 years old when i discovered them thanks to dad, then in the 90's i was a teen ager and it was fantastic. So much band! So great music! I would not write them all, but my favourites were Faith no more, Gnr, Soad.
I started to play guitar when i was 15 because i thought i was not able to sing :smile: and because Slash inspired me.
I've always played for fun and i 've reach a good level with guitar, but recently i broke my right hand and i'm not as good as before, so i think that it's time for me to learn how to sing.
I love to sing and i know i'm not so good yet , but i will be! That's the reason why i'm here.
I've started to take private lessons from a vocal coach one month ago, so i'm at the very beginning.
I'm a baritone, i don't know my range yet, but i will work on it.
I'm watchin all Ken's free video for now, but as soon as i will feel confident i will subscribe his course.
Onother reason that put me into this is my health: i'm a smoker, i smoke 40-60 cigarettes everyday , and now that i'm getting older it's time to reduce and stop that. I smoke since i was 14 and it's very hard to stop, so i need a reason to do it.
And that 's all!
I share two small samples from my ig stories, that's all i have for now.


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    Hi there mate, I started this course when I was your age and im now over 3 years in, not waiting any longer to start singing was a great investment. If you work hard, and can see past the obstacles, you'll be able to do things in the future you didn't think you could do.

    Your videos dont seem to be available, you may need to set them to unlisted. Hope to hear you soon.
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    Hi! Thank you for the advices!
    I set them to unlisted, could you please notice me if you can see them now?

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