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How to tell what voice part you’re singing?

Hey y’all so as I’ve made it clear since I joined the singing forum which I truly love as it builds and amazingly positive atmosphere with people who are on all different walks of their singing journeys which hopefully at some point I can end up becoming a professional singer because that is literally my dream. As I said on my other discussions I am currently training to have a more powerful, resonant, rock n roll sound. I’m a soprano in chorus at my High school and so I’ve always gravitated towards the more resonant, gravelly, powerful sound of rock n roll singers from the 70’s and 80’s because that’s the music I grew up with. (Ik I’m young only 17 but the old school music from 70’s and 80’s was what I always listened to growing up I don’t listen to many newer artists I do with a few tho) so singing with a more rock n roll tone seems more like me than the airy light high tone and sound I was always trained as a soprano to sound like. Yk as Ken says “the money maker high note”. Which if ur voice is light and airy and more Pop/R&B sounding that’s great nothing wrong with that I love artists from those genres as well but for me rock n roll is more like me personally than pop. two of Ken’s students have inspired me to pursue that sound Kayla Reeves and Gabriela Gunčíková. Both amazing women with powerful voices that have kind of helped shape what I want my voice to similarly sound like cuz u don’t hear much women with voices like that especially nowadays R&B and Pop with light and airy tones and ESPECIALLY high notes have taken over the mainstream in the radio today. So with that being said I started my journey trying to train my chest voice and mix voice and add more power and resonance to my voice, tone, and sound. Sadly I can’t afford the Ken Tamplin singing course but I’ve used the videos Ken has uploaded on his YouTube channel on chest voice, mixed voice, resonance, and vocal cry & gravel. These videos have been a tremendous help trying to navigate how to train my voice and what warm-ups are good for that specific training. The problem that I’m struggling with now is Ik what part of my voice I want to specifically train and what I want my voice to be trained to eventually sound like and I’m fully aware that that training is gonna take awhile till my vocal cords start picking it up themselves. Ken makes it clear that vocal folds are muscles and in order to train them u gotta have consistency and repetition for it to become muscle memory and that can take years. My issue is Ik I wanna strengthen my chest voice but I have no clue how to tell what voice part I’m singing in for example how to tell whether I’m singing in head, mixed, or chest voice. I find it hard to indentify. I asked someone in my chorus class and she wasn’t even 100% sure she just said by the way it feels when u sing and that wasn’t much help cuz everyone’s voice is different and what may feel like chest voice to someone may feel like mixed or head voice to someone else. So the question is how can I tell what voice part I’m singing in so Ik while I’m training and practicing if I’m training the right voice part? (Btw sorry for this lengthy discussion post 😅…I just need some answers cuz I’m confused)!!!!

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    Really the best way is to upload a simple ah scale like what you have been using on the YT videos. Try to stay in what you think is chest voice and we can help to identify what is going on 👍🏼


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