My original songs and different use of the vocals

Hello to the songwriting group :)

allow me to share my latest song with you. I wrote it about everyday commuting by public transport (tube) in Prague. This is the first time I used the vocal harmonizer for the background voices in the chorus in order to find different sound a bit. I'd be happy if you let me know what you think about it. You can also compare it with my older song "Not Enough", where I work with the vocals differently and I sing all of them.

Metro (+ vocal harmonizer), 2021

Not Enough (+ pure vocals), 2020

Thank you,
Venika Hartlyn (singer-songwriter/pianist)


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    To be honest Im not sure if I could tell the difference if you didn't tell me, but KNOWING allowed me to hear the difference and I prefer the vocals in Not enough. Ken has probably influenced me in this quite a bit as this is the only course I know and I watch his videos over others alot more. What I mean is that he advocates for real vocals without auto tune, and to record backing and harmony vocals as well. That said though, each technique has its own use in the artistry of music.
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