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Hello ,hello brother and sisters

I am planning to enroll in ken tamplin course this year or may 1 year 1 month .I want to know that what will be much better for me is it lessons through physically being in academy or online option usb etc. Since I am from a foreign country so for physically I have to travelled but.....I just don't want miss anything as I am so ambitious for learning everything that I can learn....so I just want to know the way should I start enrollment with ken tamplin and what is the procedure from year to year lessons at what costs.

Just assume that I am pure beginner(which I am) in taking lessons from vocal coach and honestly I don't think I know much .... So just please guide me like junior brother about the process(I am little confused since I am from foreign country)......and right now I don't think anyone as a vocal coach except ken tamplin.....

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  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
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    I think the way you write English is fine so you shouldn't have much drama talking with Ken, remember he has Skype lessons with people world wide so he'll be used to someone with English as a second language.

    As for piano and production, I'm not so sure. I think his main focus is voice related but I'll tag @highmtn in case I'm wrong. I also take an online piano course called PIANOTE, you can have a look at that, Lisa has many YouTube videos to get you started just like Ken.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
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    Ken teaches vocals. He is a musician, but does not have complete courses for instruments. He does have some lessons on guitar chords and guitar licks that are part of the PRO Packs.


  • WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    This is difficult to say what is best for you as everyone is different. I've never had a physical lesson with a voice coach, I've had one Skype lesson with Ken and KTVA is the only singing course I've tried (been with the program now over 3 years). Finding a vocal coach will be hit and miss, who knows if they actually understand the proper and safe mechanics of properly developing your voice. The up side is that you will have immediate feed back from them while you are there in the studio.

    3.0 means you will have all the information you need at your finger tips and you can rewatch the lessons over and over again. You can ask questions in the student area of the forum and post your scales for feed back. You will need patience with this though as sometimes it can take more than a few days for someone to have time to listen to them and give you pointers. The payment options are listed on Kens website for you to choose what works best for you, most of the students that start out won't need to pay for a one on one lesson with Ken for at least a year or 2 because if you are diligent and use the forums properly we can help to get you to volume 3 (which will take roughly this amount of time). By this time you should have alot of good knowledge and technique and will be able to assess yourself if you indeed even need a personal lesson from Ken. Kens private lessons are expensive, but he hasn't hidden any information from the course, everything he tells you in the lesson will relate to the course material one way or another.

    Another big plus with signing up for 3.0 is you will have access to some of Kens regular students private Skype lessons to watch for free. Some come with the course, others are here in the student areas. There are hours and hours of these to watch. In 3.0 Ken also holds free group chats once a months for students to ask him questions directly (I dont know how long this will go for, but they get recorded for students that missed out to watch).

    KTVA has worked for me, I dont feel that ive missed out on anything, but then again ive never tried anything else. It may seem a bit steep to initially sign up for an online course, but if you take the leap and start going through the material, you'll realise the value is there purely by the sheer amount of content available and the help you can get through the forum.

  • sommonsommon Member Posts: 65
    @wigs I think you are right about what you have said above. And I really wish that with god mercy I will have this opportunity to learn without a break and from year to year just developing something great. Although I am little bit worried about my english since I don't know if my english is up to the point for communication with ken . but I am trying to improve my english more and more so I can communicate smoothly...

    ....There is Question Wigs(sir) does ken also teaches piano or music production think . I mean. I have seen a video of ken where he was saying title""KTVA vs berklee college of music""" so does ken also teaches other things related to music world of which some I mentioned like piano or music production or any other instrument or how to improve in terms of lyrics......

    Ken has so much knowledge experience that he has developed through time..and I am very glad that ken is here for us.......thanks
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