Critique my singing. Don't hold back, but be constructive (multiple examples from my band's album)

There are four songs included for different reasons that I'll briefly explain and provide the range sung in the song. If you want timestamps for "highlights" just comment and I'll provide em

Acoustic song mostly sitting below D4. It includes the lowest sung note on my band's album (B2 - A4)
Pretty cool punky song sitting mostly in my "sweet spot" between B3 and A4 (B3 - C5)
Another punky song, but more on the metal side, includes highest sung note on my band's album (F3 - F5)
Bonus song, I just find the melody in the chorus tricky to sing, it's kinda all over the place (in a good way) (E3 - D5)


  • RLVRLV Member Posts: 168
    So I listened to all of these tracks and I must say I love the style on 'Feed', the harmonies sounded great and I love the screaming I've been trying to learn to scream myself looks like you could teach me a thing or two about that! as I've done in this track snippet
    .... I honestly think your voice and tone fits that style the best out of 4 tracks you've shared.

    One thing I did notice that I think would help you out a bit is practicing applying more diaphragmatic support or abdominal support when singing, like on 'Insomnia" you displayed awesome range and most of the notes were dead on, though I noticed a lot of these 'E' notes tended to go flat. I know a lot of people will practice scales in order to help their pitch, but one thing that helps me tremendously when I keep hitting a note flat or sharp even is to (and I don't know what you're recording set up is like but if you're recording into a daw) singing into the daw with the track armed with a tuner effect on it so you can see where you're at relative to the note you are aiming for and raise/lower your pitch accordingly.

    But overall I really love your sound, your tone is awesome! Followed you on Spotify by the way, can't wait to hear more from you!
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