Greetings from Colorado! I'm Marc Isaacson

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I signed up for the academy on Friday night (2/10). I started watching the videos yesterday and watched the posture video today. I haven't practiced any of the vocal lessons, yet.

I consider myself to have a decent to good voice. My main problem is that I don't have much range. I'm self-taught, though I do have a lot of training and experience in music. I'm hoping that I will improve my range significantly. Another thing that occurred to me last night is that I'd like my really low notes to be stronger as well; I'm a Bass.

I plan to create videos periodically so that people (including myself) can hear for themselves where I started and how things are going. If you would like to follow along, you can find me at https://www.youtube.com/c/MarcIsaacson-LiveInspired.



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    Welcome to to the forums and the course Marc :smile:

    You'll find as you begin the exercises, you will get better control of what range you have. Once you understand the fundamentals and can begin use them, it could be as little as a month or 2 before you can begin to stretch your range up by a note or 2.
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