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How should I practice lower notes?/singing raspy?

This is a two part question- I find my lower notes (above vocal fry) have less power and more vibrato. In general when singing, I always heard it's not good to go 'droopy' into your throat - but for lower notes, remaining in the headspace tends to take away some volume. Is there a different rule for lower notes than higher notes in terms of how I should practice?
2nd part is - how should I practice singing raspy? I'm preparing for a rock song that needs some grit. Is it better to just always practice singing bright and then add color when recording?


  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,405
    low notes: both sides of your range can be grown, and very low notes are not the "comfort zone", so to speak, just like very high notes. you can gently "stretch" the voice, i.e. don't force low notes, and don't be too loud. it will come with time. make sure to have good support. are you doing daily exercises?

    rasp: in the course, we only learn distortion in vol 3, because you need to build very good technique to be able to pull it off safely. we never train with distortion, like you said. we add it for colour. that's for the warmup. of course, once we have mastered singing with rasp safely, we can also use distortion in practicing songs, even daily. but only after a clean warmup (=scales).
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