Faithfully - Journey | Vocal Demonstration FEEDBACK

Hello everyone, I would like to get your constructive criticism on how to improve my singing. Let me know!


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    The basis for KTVA improvement is really making sure you utilise your practice scales to focus on technique. You aim to have the feeling of certain notes, vowels and modifications embedded so when you sing you dont have to think so much about it and are more free to use the song to express yourself.

    After your scales when you are nice and warm you can practice your song using only vowels, this helps you remember how to shape your throat and graze consonants efficiently. For this sample alot of the times you are starting a word or phrase with good support, but tend to let it go a bit early which makes it harder to hold a note in pitch. This is apparent in the opening verse. You are doing well with your breath management and using your mask up higher, experiment with leaning back from it just a little bit for parts like 40s if you want to be more tonally consistent or swap the vowel from a pure ah to something a bit darker.
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    Thanks for the detailed feedback. @Wigs Your participation in the community is appreciated.
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