Original Song - Humbuckers

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    This one wasn't to my taste but I do appreciate the work you put into the production.
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    I appreciate the listen, feedback and candor Chris. Thank-you. Spent a fair number of hours on it and the language is not something I normally include. Any thoughts on improvements in terms of production?
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    Im only in the early stages of learning how to mix and so far the most ive done is with a few instruments but nothing as big as this. With what ive learnt so far though I think some of your bass or guitar is a touch muddy. I watch a fair bit of Joe glider on YT, he doesn't have a massive following but his videos are easy to understand and fun to watch and he's been doing his own mixing for quite a while now. Something he said in one of them has stuck with me and that is this. Each instrument and vocal has its own range of frequencies, vocals 200-500htz (roughly) is usually lowered a bit as there is muddiness there, but when you go to mix have a look at each instruments frequency peaks. If you have alot of your instruments sitting with similar peaks the details can get lost, so when eq-ing keep this in mind so that everything kind of has its own space to cut through. There is way more to this than what ive said but I try to keep this in mind when Im starting to mix a project.
    @Klaus_T Might be able to add something?
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    I feel I still have a long way to go in terms of mixing. I've been at it for about a year. Thanks for the heads up on Joe Glider, I will check him out.
    I've been paying more attention to the EQ'ing since you've mentioned it...makes a huge difference. I just finished a tune last night that I will be posting. One of my better mixes I think.
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