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How to get rid of overthinking while singing?

I am currently doing volume 1.from the past 2 months I was doing fine singing and exercises.My posture was good which still is and was using a great diaphragmatic support as Ken says in his course.
But from the past 3 days I am having trouble in breathing while singing and exercising vocal exercises due to stress in my diaphragm. Now I can't stop thinking about my breath while singing which tensed my stomach.I can't stop being so hyperfocused on my breathing which causes tension on my stomach. I can't breath properly while singing .I know it is a bit crazy.But do you think it can be psychological problem? Or is it some kind of mental block which is getting in my way for perfect singing? I was also stressed about something else can that be a reason for this?
It would be a great help if I get some suggestions.


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