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Has anybody here experience vocal cord paralysis? Symptoms? Cure?

rickhodge88rickhodge88 STREAMING PRO Posts: 16
Hi guys, I have been following the program for the last 4 years and have tremendous improvement but last Thursday, I was going to do my vocal workout even though I had terrible phlegm in my throat. I did the lip roll and Immediately knew something was wrong. It now feels like there is something holding my vocal cords down when I try to hit basically any note. Im very concerned as I’m sure you can understand. Has anybody encountered this?


  • GlenninNJGlenninNJ 2.0 PRO Posts: 5
    Rick have you had Covid? My ENT told me that's what I'm experiencing - as I have similar symptoms. I lose breath at random times, and I can't push up into notes at all. Just like you're saying.
  • rickhodge88rickhodge88 STREAMING PRO Posts: 16
    Yeah I have had Covid twice, the most recent being in January. Have you recovered yet? If so how long did it take?
  • mey_luqman98mey_luqman98 Member Posts: 92
    I have been infected with covid twice too..first in the early 2022..and the second one on early november..

    its been a month already since i've recovered from second infection..i still haven't fully recovered..
    although, im glad that i haven't lost my upper range..but the thing is, my vocal cord get tired very quick..whenever i tried to sustain the note, i would break into headvoice..

    So how have you been? How long it takes for you to fully recovered? How long it takes for your voice to become normal again?
  • rickhodge88rickhodge88 STREAMING PRO Posts: 16
    I’m doing great now, but it was a couple of months before I got my voice back. Scary stuff man.
  • mey_luqman98mey_luqman98 Member Posts: 92
    Yeah..thats great...glad to hear that..
    i agree with you my friend..
    its really suck going through this twice..
    And i dont plan on getting infected for the third time..need to be extra careful with the surrounding next time..

    happy singing my friend
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