If I believed cover (From the musical "Twisted: The untold story of a royal vizier" by Starkid)

I've been learning with a teacher for about 3 years, as well as doing the course on-and-off for about 2 years (granted less then with my teacher, as I sometime need the structure to get me to practice which is why I didn't only stick with the course haha).

Comments would be appreciated :)


It's currently just a video taken by phone, since I will be getting the proper video (with the sound from the soundboard) at a later date, so sorry for the echo in some of the parts (especially in the monologue you can hear the feedback from the monitor a bit which annoys me when re-watching this lol) :)


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    LindseyBeanLindseyBean 2.0 PRO Posts: 160
    love that song and musical! You're doing pretty well the only thing I would say is that you may be losing your technique in the passion of the lyrics. When you were getting to the bridge of the song it looked like you were tensing up in your chest and neck a lot. Try to ground yourself every time you take a breath. Other than that you're on the right path.
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    eyalidoeyalido 2.0 PRO Posts: 26
    Hey @LindseyBean , thanks! Indeed my favorite musical of all time.
    For sure the stress thing is something I need to work on, as it is still much much harder for me in the upper end of my chest range (when using my mix I can go higher without much stress but since this was all belting it was pretty tough as it is a G4 where my highest chest note is barely an A#4 when obviously I am much more comfortable at the lower end of the third octave even as a baritone).
    Actually a month ago my highest note was a G# and I thought it'd be impossible to perform this song in the original key, but something clicked with the stress and my range "grew" so it wasn't as bad as it was, though it indeed is still there. Baby steps I guess :)

    Off to trying to perform "Spirit carries on" by "Dream Theater" and it's insanely high last verse, though that one I might just use mix for the A's at the very least lol.
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