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Crappy g minor Show must go on Queen

skateboardskateboard Member Posts: 2
Hi First of all , i m italian and i dnt speak english very well. By the way i need your suggestions to improve my skill or erase it and restart all the thing. I can travel for Tamplin.


In this video i follow the teachers tips. He says:" you baritone or baritenor so you can hit high notes ( from c5 o e5 ) just a bit. it s better singin in comfort zone and sometimes get out a shout..if you try to sing show must go on in original key,b minor,you can t sustain the refrain notes and you will have a weak mix voice or weak head voice "

So i think..i low from b minor to g minor..and the refrain are g4 notes..then i added a la#4 and a d5.. too bad my chest voice is not linked with high part..i can control the passaggio and go up with no problem but in the end my head voice or mix voice has a "colour" too much different than chest voice..my idea: my high notes are garbage..

i knew that studying the singin i would increase my range....the onky thing i learnt is to master the tessitura....but this is useless cause in high zone i go donald duck.

Let me know about this.

Best regards


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    This was pretty good! Pitch was fairly consistent throughout, few minor hiccups but with practice you'll be able to get on top of this pretty quick. I think you've got a good foundation, support sounds like its there and you are able to get to the high notes by not forcing the sound too much. You can try to not be so hard on the consonants, I know some of this comes from not being native English speaking since you say you are Italian. By grazing the consonants you will help to keep your throat open more and the phrases will have better flow. Although the high notes are not full chest, you did well to keep the tone bright so that the tonal qualities are similar to your chest voice.
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    skateboardskateboard Member Posts: 2
    thanks Dear friend! soon i will be there...i wish hold ken tamplin s hand and sharing 1 ton of beer with you :)
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    SteveStanSteveStan 2.0 PRO Posts: 81

    thanks Dear friend! soon i will be there...i wish hold ken tamplin s hand and sharing 1 ton of beer with you :)

    Si @Wigs ha certamente ragione riguardo i consonanti. Aiuta molto con la pronuncia.

    Stai facendo il quarto volume? Dovrebbe aiutare, no? Io ho appena cominciato ad eta' di 47 e sono in Vol 1 :)

    Saluti da Arizona,
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