U2 - With or Without You - Cover

I was able to apply what I learned from Ken's teaching. Constructive feedback is welcome!




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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Really good demo, nice control through the softer parts in the beginning and you held it together well for the belting chorus. You should try being a bit more contiguous through the with or without you phrase. You sing a hard "ch" sound like this, "without choo", try using these vowels "wehth ah yoo" so you dont have such a hard glottal stop but people will still be able to understand the words.
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    iMattiMatt Member Posts: 15
    Great insight! I will adjust and learn the vowel placements. Thanks!
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    crabolacrabola Pro Posts: 20
    Hobbyist singer's opinion....

    Good dynamics.... You capture the spirit of the song! Bono has some very dramatic phrasings and some bad habits that sound awesome too...... FWIW remember that it's great to be able to mimic your favorite singers but don't get too obsessed with it. I found myself going down that road and while some of that is good for general voice training and exposure to making different sounds in the beginning remember to stay on the quest to finding your own voice and then owning and liking it.

    Good Job Matt
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    michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 252
    Nice quality recording. Sounds like you are trying to sing like Bono. I would focus more on your own sound. Trying to sound like Bono could dry out your chords on breathy areas and have lack of consistent volume and power throughout your range. Also when Bono belts full chest he strains and imitating that isn't healthy in the long-term.

    Good pitch. Good tone.
    Continue to work on exercises where you have that bright AH sound fully opening the pharynx (mouth). Growing the voice with this and ensuring you can sing low and high notes with even tone and even volume will make this sound better.
    Once you have great control of applying the concepts to achieve bright tone you can bring in more air (with caution) to avoid any damage.

    Those high notes you are doing full chest, which Bono probably does, but the goal here would actually be to grow a bright strong head voice and begin to mix those higher notes. It's more pleasant and has more control.

    In no time you can be better than Bono! Keep it up. Thank you for posting.
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