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Hi guys, my name is Bryan Legg (Bryan Scott, on YT), I'm just a humble, God fearing, farm boy who was born and raised in WV, and I have a beautiful wife who has Multiple Sclerosis with 3 grown children. I'm also a soon to be, new student at KTVA! I'm soo excited to get started with the program... BUT, I have a question that I need to ask first. Maybe this isn't the right place, but I've searched for my specific question on here, and I haven't found anyone talking about it yet?
First a few details: I am a 37 yr old male, I'm about 6'4" and 225 lbs (normally, I'll explain), and I used to be incredibly strong...especially my "core" or diaphragm. I'm in no way bragging, but I could benchpress 350 lbs with my arms at one point, and my abdominal support was even stronger than that! Okay, here's the question part:
I was in an accident that knocked out my top front teeth, and crushed part of my palate. They had to partially reconstruct the front of my palate with a plate, and now I also have false teeth on top... Not to mention, it broke my nose, and did something to my sinus cavity, to where my left ear bothers me now, at random times, plus some tinnitus too! So, I couldn't eat, was basically bed-bound, and lost like 35 lbs in like 6 weeks! My muscles atrophied, and I'm soo weak now, I prob couldn't benchpress 100 lbs! Question is, CAN I SING AGAIN and IS THIS FIXABLE??!! Or am I just a "disabled singer" now? Won't my top denture affect the shape of my vowels?
A little background... My mother was a "star" soprano in an Operatic-type Chorus, and in our Church Choir, back in the day. She was AWESOME (now I'm bragging, lol), and could bring you to tears... You could say that my mother's side of my family are naturally gifted singers, or we called them "songbirds", lol. Even the men on that side are great singers, going waayyy back.
So, I've been (incorrectly, mostly) singing my whole life as well. I've had offers to be in a couple bands in the past, as a singer (cuz I can't play anything, lol). I can hit almost ANY note as long as I know what it sounds like (and warm up to it), but there's more to singing then just hitting a note! I have a feeling I'm a high baritone, like Ken, or a low tenor...but I've sang stuff in the soprano range, just have to warm up to it... But it hurts me after, so I know I'm not doing something correctly. I was told as a youngster (around puberty) that I was a high tenor, but I really doubt that. Maybe back then...
Anyways, I'm going on too long, so thanks everyone, and sorry if I put this in the wrong place. I welcome any feedback y'all can give me! God Bless you and yours!!!

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    Welcome to the course! I see you posted this in another thread so ill delete that and copy my answer here.

    When anyone has had an accident or illness its very hard to say what is going on and if there is anything you can do to get on track. The best thing would be to upload some scales or a song that's not too hard for you for us to listen to and go from there.


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    Thank you so much for your reply! Sorry for posting in the other place... I saw Q&A, so I figured it was the right one, until I familiarized myself with the system. I tried to delete it myself, but I guess I can't, so thanks for that too!
    I may wait to upload something until my refit of my denture, right now it's kinda loose, so I'm doing everything with them out. I can still sing okay, but without the front chompers, it's hard to pronounce some words correctly. Honestly, I think I can prob go ahead and start the full program...by the time I'm at the point where I can sing something, I should have my teeth fitting correctly. Thanks again for the feedback, God Bless you and yours!!!
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