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I hope this is not frowned upon and if so, I understand. And sorry if this might be a little too long for some but let me put some preface first before getting into the reason I'm here.

First of all, it is 2 years post-COVID and things are still not right. Flights being canceled, shortage of pilots, people lost jobs, businesses, careers, etc you get the scenario. There are people out there in a bad place trying to make it by starting all over and some having to start new careers.

Now a small bit about me "I get to Ken Tamplin trust me, LOL" I have been self-employed since 1996 mostly working online in one form or another. But everything I have learned about working online (Webdesign, programming, graphic design, etc) I have learned myself "self-taught" if you will. I taught myself music (guitar, keyboards, and drums and now sell beats and music packs).

But some friends and followers on my Facebook, who got hit by COVID and were needing a new career "or way to make money" asked me about working online and how to do it. Well, long story short "cutting out all the fluff," I told them I would create 10 YouTube channels "each one with its own skill" on how you can make money online, and within 6 months you should be able to make money.

Well, I did that with music "which is my name here on the forum" and that worked out well. Until people started messaging me about "Singing" specifically teaching yourself to sing. Well, while it wasn't planned to teach singing because it's a whole other thing than teaching an instrument and besides with singing "YOU are the instrument." But there was enough interest and people really wanted to learn but they knew they couldn't afford lessons from a vocal coach or an online course because of the prices that most of them "at least the good ones" cost. It's way out of their range at this point. And "as you can see by my title" they figured it fits their situation so I took on the challenge.

NOW ONTO KEN! I love music of all genres so I watch a lot of music videos on YouTube and I "knew" about Ken Tamplin years ago because of Anthony and "10-second songs" that's how I first heard about Ken. Then Gabriela Guncikova after that and a few others since then. I have already been researching, studying, and most importantly practicing and documenting everything which will eventually end up on the channel. But I will be starting the singing series "playlist" this week.

Now I understand "or I've seen" Ken has a $149 payment and then $25/month or something for a beginner level and that's great. But my followers are looking to go as far as possible to a level they can make money singing, get in a band, etc. This, they know leads them to higher costs in intermediate and advanced lessons.

Now I have nothing against the prices of the courses that are out there because people need to be paid what they're worth. Plus singing "if they end up successful" will be making good money which again is what substantiates the price of good "professional" lessons. But I mean look at David Bowie, Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, etc who are both self-taught musicians AND singers. Hendrix even learned a totally different way to play the guitar. And actually, when he first started it was a one-string instrument because that's what they could afford at the time. Anyway, a little digression there, sorry.

But you get the point. I have total respect for Ken and his teaching. But even I can't afford his courses "at this time" because I'm buying equipment, software, and stuff to produce the videos and such for the 10 channels I'm putting together. Now I have the time do this now because I'm basically retired and have all the time on the world to devote to teaching on YouTube. My other two channels "with poor in the name are Chef and Filmmaker." It's not my intention to sound like I'm advertising here but I just feel it's important to why I'm here and a little about why I'm doing this "self-learning" that is.

I feel that singing has gotten popular because of all the singing shows with American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor, America's Got Talent, etc. But this also means there are plenty of people out there who "after getting into these shows" especially children or teenagers, and there parents don't have the money for vocal lessons which means basically there stuck. You can only know how frustrating that feels when you are in that position and feel it and nothing you can really do about it.

Sorry for the long post guys/gals but "if I don't get banned because of this post" I hope you don't mind me hanging around the public forums here absorbing everything I can. And that's the point of this post. Because of the nature of what I'm trying to do this is why I'm here. I will be helping people with what I learn and just hope that Ken's public forum and be a contributor to my knowledge base for that.

I believe I'm done for now. LMAO.

Thanks a whole lot if you read this whole post. I appreciate it very much.

Lonnie (ThePoorMuscian)


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    You have to understand that Ken has been grinding on you tube for about 15 years to build his following and get his business to where he is today. He shares a lot of free info through his YouTube channel for people to get started and see if they like and can follow his approach. The amount of info in the course and what you has access to is humongous! It can seem pricey, but the value is 2 or 3 fold what you pay. The student area of the forum is very active and normal turnaround for critique of someone uploading is less than a week, mostly within a few days. Its not just moderators that leave feedback but other students as well. Moderators are here to help keep the forum on track as well as help other students. In fact right now for another few days there is a special running where the the joining fee is just $20 with $22 per month for volume 1 only plus all the other normal benefits of the streaming subscription. I dont know if this is a yearly thing but its something Ken has done before to give those a chance without as much financial freedom to dip there toes at a lower price point.
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