Original Song - Take Me Away

Mike86Mike86 Member Posts: 104
This song is about not remaining idle in life, but continuing to progress and live meaningfully.



  • KarenSingsKarenSings 2.0 PRO Posts: 80
    Thanks for sharing. Some lovely guitar work in here. Your vocal is pretty low in the mix, so the vocal performance isn't much featured. Might be fine for the genre.
  • Mike86Mike86 Member Posts: 104
    Thank-you Karen. I appreciate your thoughts on the guitar work. I mix strictly for headphone listening, so there could be room for improvement in that area. I have only been mixing my own work for about 1 year and I will continue to improve as I gain more experience.
  • josiahmarineaujosiahmarineau Member Posts: 3
    My two cents:
    - bring up the guitars in the mix and make them meatier.
    - drop the guitar solo and flesh out the bridge. The bridge is melodic but doesn't connect with the rest of the song. The solo was too long for me and just sounded like noodling.
    - ditto about bringing up the vocals, which are buried. The bass is pretty central, so you can create more space by dropping the bass back
  • Mike86Mike86 Member Posts: 104
    Thanks for listening Josiah and I appreciate your feedback. It's good to hear others perspectives for areas of improvement as that's what it's all about.
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