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Is the back of my tongue flat enough? Also what is this dying walrus sound I'm getting? Video inside

Hello, I have been doing the exercises, had lessons from other teachers in the past as well, and I have here a video of my tongue/throat and I heard Ken saying how the tongue needs to be flat. No matter how I try the back of my tongue lifts up a little whenever I try 'ah' like it's the law/loft.

Here's the video, it'll last for 14 days, I made it black and white so it's not as icky for ya.

This is a higher note for me, though my range is pretty wide I'm trying to work on my tone (my demo soundcloud of actual songs is in my profile), but it happens on lower ones too. Is this normal and if not how do I train to keep it down? Also while I'm singing my larynx raises a little bit, I figured out how to keep it down/throat open, but when I do, it just sounds like a roar on the note I try of a dying walrus or something. It doesn't hurt, and it's like the one time my larynx stays down. Is that healthy, gonna develop to something better, like the beginning of full rock chestiness or screaming, or should I stop?
I have a suspicion that I've had acid reflux for so long (all my life, nothing stops it, but it doesn't seem to make me hoarse or affect my singing) that I have learned to talk/sing around it, and the open throat walrus is my real, scarred voice, but I don't think it works like that. Also I am louder than that but the phone clips. Thanks

Tonewise, I am trying to be less piercing and more rounded and warm on the highs. I am able to get close to tone I want when I'm quiet, but then it lacks power.
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