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I m working on Ken s singing course for 3 years ago. I m serious and practicing 5/6days a week. Recently I find myself struggling with Hotel California which Im trying to nail correctly. But it seems that I can t get the right way to perform it. I m feeling kind of discouraged. If anyone could help me to understand Whats wrong it would be awesome....thanks

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    MarioMario 2.0 PRO Posts: 3
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    Thanks for your answer.
    How do I get into the student s access? Sorry I m New over the forum.
    Yes I can send you an audio. But the main issue Im dealing with is at the beginning of the song, I can hold the tone, but because of the range, It s getting hard to keep the connection between head and chest. And I feel I do stretch too much. I tried to sing in a lower key but when it comes to the B , I find its difficult to keep the notes,especially the chorus and ends of sentences on the verse, "highway", "night", " ceiling", "chambers".etc...


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