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Hello sisters and brother..... I am back

Wfff... So after 4 to 5 months, I am here again my exams were over just 2 days ago. And i am feeling really happy and excited to practice again. However today's practice was a bit shaky and disturbed, like it was not as smooth as it was before. And i think it's common since I am practicing after 4 to 5 months so for my throat and body it will take 2 to 3 days to get on shape.

But i wanted to ask that, whenever I sing, it sounds good , like you will move your head on it. But there are no texture on my vocals. It's like the same tone, even though it's good but the same tone and lack of texture, makes it emotionless for me. After all emotions are an important part of singing......

So How can i work up on my textures.of my vocals.and emotions
And is there any exercise for chest resonance by ken.

And also just to sure I am doing everything correctly.

Here are the exercises I do... In a day while practicing.

1.How to rock your chest voice. By (ken tamplin)
2.Breathing exercises,(diaphragm 3 sets)
3.Daily vocal exercises (ken tamplin)
4.How to strengthen head voice exercises ( by ken)

Singing one song with chest voice. Since first I want to build a super strong foundation. Even though I easily slide into the mix, since my chest voice is weak.

So above is my 2 hour routine.practice.

With ever information above. If you can guide me anything or point out anything. I will be very happy.........

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    Sy256Sy256 Member Posts: 9
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    Hmm without any example I can't really tell you what I think, I'm not very knowledgable but I could say 'i like' or dont. I have gotten the same feedback before, that they don't pick up on emotion but it sounds good, so your problem is mine lol
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