Mariah Craey - Without You technique critique

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Hello guys,

This is not a high quality record, just simply recorded that with my phone. I'm just looking for your thoughts about what I'm doing. I know, I'm starring my Mariah LOL


I had so much deal with my voice, I'd like to hear from you how you find the fact that I sing in that registration, how it feels, how it sounds... My goal is to sing in this tessitura, developping a belting voice. In this song, am I belting or mixing ? I can't really step on the gas more than that for now.

Hope you'll enjoy it !

Waiting for your thought,
Guy Chan


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    GuyChan said:

    Hello guys,
    Waiting for your thought,
    Guy Chan

    Track not found when I clicked.
  • GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 167
    Thank You @Terence

    How about now ? I edited the link. Tell me.
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    Link works now, just checked. Looking forward to listening later when not surrounded with
  • TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 340

    Just listened, now @GuyChan Starting a whole step above Mariah shows what an exceptional fach you're in!

    The places where you're not holding back, when your true voice shines through, are extraordinary. Picking a few examples:

    0:20-0:33, "Oh I can't...story goes"
    1:37 "I can't live"
    1:54 "oh I can't forget" through "as you were leaving."
    2:25 "I can't Live" through 2:36 where it seems you start holding back.
    2:48 all the way from "I can't live" until the very end, including trills and final oohs.

    Those are some of the places I thought, "Oh there's GuyChan's true voice really coming through."

    Sometimes I like the trills and others feel like you are using them to hide. Either way, I find myself wishing here and there you had sustained the melody note longer so I could hear your voice come through.

    A small thing, but it caught my ear when the British pronunciation of "Ah-eeees. your sorrow" instead of " Ahhhhheezhuresahroh-shows" shut down the phrase and smooth transition.

    I'm very glad you posted this and shared part of your journey!
  • GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 167
    Thank you for taking the time for breaking this down. You gave some boost to my confidence. I agree with what you say, sometimes I hide behind characters that are not mine (Mariah, LP...) and I imitate instead of being myself. I'm happy that you brought up the parts where my voice is true, as it is a hard quest for me to find when I'm true to myself and when I'm not. You cleared up a lot of things in my mind, and from that I'm ready to move on to the next level of being myself.

    Peace to you and all, @Terence


    PS : I'm from Reunion Island, a French territory, so I guess perhaps we can hear some pronunciation issues sometimes.
  • DiegoDiego Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,154
    Your voice is beautiful to be honest.

    Never, ever be scared of your voice. Because to be honest, there can be 100 or 1000 male vocalists with the same old tone and quality that you'd expect. But then there are vocalists like you, who bring something fresh and unique to the table, and you must take advantage of that.

    I for one would love to hear more of your voice, as it has a really soothing quality. Your pitch is great, good agility and you seem to have found a comfortable place to sing in which is always a step forward in your singing journey.

    Some feedback I'd give would be to polish some of the runs a little bit. When you go into head voice around 2:20 I would open up a bit more for a more resonance (I feel you were holding back a bit).

    Once again, you have an awesome voice and don't be afraid to show it off.

    I am a fan :smile: .

    Keep it up!

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