God Bless Ken Tamplin!

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Hello all,

My name is Erich Turner, and I am a professional artist and willing participant in this amazing journey Ken has created for us!

I recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of my arrival into this side of the birth canal and had to take moment to reflect on the masterful lessons of Ken Tamplin.

I knew I COULD sing from a young age, but after working with Ken's training for almost two months now, I am learning HOW to sing.

Aside from my day job as an animator, I am a voice actor. My voice and abilities have grown by leaps and bounds in the short 7 weeks. I can feel my singing muscles are stronger now than ever and I have already gained range in my chest voice. That first moment when the techniques Ken describes click , of which there are many, is so exhilarating. I look forward to my daily workouts and feel like I can dominate any song afterwards

I recently completed my first ever professional recording session with singing in it. I sang on 32 songs for an upcoming Audible children's book. The creator/director complimented me on how bright my voice was and said my voice cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter!

The daily workouts really helped strengthen my voice for the 6+ hour sessions with virtually no stressed vocal chords. I dont think I would have been as successful without my daily dose of Tamplin-ing!

Thank God for Ken and his teaching, he was definitely gifted for this purpose!



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    You're just getting started. Keep up the steady work, and you will get surprise after surprise. A year from now, years from now, if you keep doing the workouts and reviewing the teaching, you will be amazed at how your voice continues to develop and grow.


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