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Hello friends

I have question regarding vocal, I have seen many professional singers. And I have seen that after they warm up their voice and starts singing. Their vocals still sound like bright ping. And even when they sing high notes and head notes....their low register never vanishes.

Like in my case. After warm up my vocals open up, but my lower register becomes weak and after singing high notes. The lower register is much harder to hit for me.

So how professional singer manages the their low register as same even when they sing freakingly high.but how......... Like is it because of years of practice of lower register like laa ahh.so their lower register becomes so strong. Or something else.

The best example is dimash...his lower notes are really deep and beautiful. And even though he sings very high. Still his lower notes sound with same power and ping....

How can I achieve , so my lower register doesn't becomes weak....

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  • VocalityVocality 2.0 PRO Posts: 1,602
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    Hi @sommon

    With regards to your question It’s down how you warm up the voice you can with correct technique warm up the voice to sing e.g. high range song. 2nd point at KTVA we train both chest and head voice evenly with the aim in time to have use of the full spectrum of the voice. Later on we work on mix and brightening the head voice.

    Just down regular training and practice generally voice becomes stronger so you can hit high notes and reach back down to those low registers.

    Do recommend the KTVA course if you can join it has all the info and training to achieve these goals.

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