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Loss Of Range And Inconsistency In My Low Voice


I'm 26 years old. Since I went through puberty in my early teenage years I could hit quite a good F2, sometimes E2 on a good day or in the mornings, but the F#2 was always strong and consistent every single day. (Just for clarity I will say that I am going to specifically talk about full voice here, excluding vocal fry or head voice).

A little over a year ago I've noticed that I had lost a large part of my low range. F#2 was basically all vocal fry and G2, once an extremely strong note in my range has become really weak. The chord closure is there in every note, it's just as if I simply lost the ability to sing that low. Also apart from the range becoming limited all the low notes now sound much weaker. What I also noticed is that it got easier for me to get up in my range, notes like F#2 or G4 which were before very strained and shouty are now way easier to sing, but it's not like I gained any range either, just the top notes of my range are now way more usable.

What's interesting is that it varies a lot from day to day. Today for example I can barely sing an A2 or an A#2 without going into vocal fry, my lowest strong and full note is basically a B2. But there are days when I can sing a strong and loud A2.

My question is has anyone else experienced a sudden change like this. Or maybe you have an idea about what can be the cause?
Thank you all in advance.

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