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Hello everyone

Can we call this a mask singing. ...


Btw he is jubin. He is a very popular singer here in india....like really popular.. He sings for movies....

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  • GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 166
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    Hey. Kind of, yes, he's actually singing kind of through an "m" sound. But he's more like biting on the sound, and have it really closed. Just to say, this way of using mask doesn't fit with the open throat singing that Ken teaches, although there is an openess through the nose - someone correct me if I'm wrong. Hope this helps ;)
  • GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 166
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    @sommon It's true that it creates a sound that has it's signature. If we are not as famous and just sart out, we should work on developping a technique that is not detrimental to our voice, so that we can keep it in shape and have a long career. It's true that when you already have a fanbase, it can be dangerous to go take singing lessons. For example, my singing teacher would refuse to give lesons to a famous artist who has his/her unique sound. Because this person's voice would not be the same anymore, the sound, and what his/her fans like about his/her voice. Although it can be risky regarding business, I personnally prefer to prioritize vocal health.


  • sommonsommon Member Posts: 65
    @guychan I agree with everything you have said. And actually I was just confirming,. Since apart from open throat ,the ping.....his texture of vocals are really great and which in turn gives a unique personality to his vocals...........also ken has explained that many singers in 90s used the mask singing thing..but it is not always good....like some singers slide through that because they had some great texture or vocal tone...just like this above guy....his vocal tone is just awesome...and his range is also very big.....but he chooses to sing in mask thing may be because it gives a unique personality to his voice.............
  • sommonsommon Member Posts: 65
    @guychan well you are true and right .....but may be the answer lies in the middle......I mean combination of prioritising vocal health and developing a unique personality to your vocals......
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