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With or without reverb?

Hey dudes and divas!

I've been experimenting a little while recording.
But I'm a bit torn about the use of reverb while recording vocals.
I feel that I tend to sing more pitchy when using reverb? (Does that even make sense?)
But when I don't, I tend to strain myself for some reason.

Is this a common problem? I don't know what I should do.. ^_^v


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    KarenSingsKarenSings 2.0 PRO Posts: 80
    There are several different ways to approach reverb.
    1. Record yourself in a space that has an interesting natural reverb. Pros: it's real. Cons. If you later add instruments, or if you record yourself to an instrument track, it's harder to make them sound like they're in the same space. Watching Ken's recordings of students, it looks like he is using this method.
    2. Record yourself in a flat space where as much as possible reverb is dampened, and listen to your dry (no reverb) vocal as you record. Pros: you can afterwards use apply a reverb plugin to your vocal and instruments and put them in whatever kind of space you want. Cons: your dry vocal will show EVERYTHING. You have to get really forgiving of yourself to hear yourself that way.
    3. Record yourself in a flat space, but add a reverb to the vocal that is coming in your headset. Pros: you hear your voice with reverb and it feels more forgiving. Cons: you are stuck with the reverb you recorded with.

    Some other thoughts you might try:
    -Get used to hearing your voice in lots of spaces. In rooms, outdoors, in cathedrals, in halls and stairways. With a mic, and without. With headsets and without.
    -If you find yourself straining, go back to your basics: good support, open throat, etc. Straining is never a good idea.
    -If singing using reverb makes you more pitchy, try practicing some single long notes. Or try Ken's vibrato workouts, so that you get used to the way the delay sends back the vibrato out of time with your voice.

    Hope that is helpful. :)

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    JcbJcb Member Posts: 18
    On legato lines or brass section I 5 Till 25 percent reverb. On staccato lines, Percussion guitar. I don't use reverbe at all. And for brass I use a harmonizer to get more saturation. (Otherwise I end up with one lonely depressiv trumpet.)
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