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Chest voice losing notes

Good day mr tamplin I bough your course some years ago and I am on a deep confusion about chest voice. After I work my transitions etc. In chest voice I was hitting hardly a C5 or D5, before I did your training. Years after I am hitting now B4... So I lost on chest voice those Ds and Cs. My confusión now is that by hitting those notes I feel that I am pushing really really hard to get there. That I feel that I am adding too much weight to hit those notes. Now if I change to my head voice Its easier to hit those Cs Ds or even go up on registraron. I know you mentionted that the chest voice will start to atrophee. But I do not know if I am doing something wrong or that I am pushing to hard or adding to much weight on my chest, which I feel I am doing in order to sound strong with glottal compression. The problem for me at that point is that my voice cracks when I transitions into my head voice. Am I doing something wrong?
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