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What is happening to my chesr voice?

Good day mr tamplin I bough your course some years ago and I am on a deep confusion about chest voice. After I work my transitions etc. In chest voice I was hitting hardly a C5 or D5, before I did your training. Years after I am hitting now B4... So I lost on chest voice those Ds and Cs. My confusión now is that by hitting those notes I feel that I am pushing really really hard to get there. That I feel that I am adding too much weight to hit those notes. Now if I change to my head voice Its easier to hit those Cs Ds or even go up on registraron. I know you mentionted that the chest voice will start to atrophee. But I do not know if I am doing something wrong or that I am pushing to hard or adding to much weight on my chest, which I feel I am doing in order to sound strong with glottal compression. The problem for me at that point is that my voice cracks when I transitions into my headvoice


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    SteveStanSteveStan 2.0 PRO Posts: 81
    I am no vocal expert but I am a teacher and without a clear map of where you were and how you have been moving from there to where you are now it is very hard to tell anything.

    I doubt anyone could help without more detailed info: range and experience when you started, how you progressed through the volumes, where you saw improvements, when and where you plateaued, etc.

    You seem to suggest that you are in Volume 4 and you have lost chest range after focusing on head voice, but it is unclear.
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    rubendrakkarrubendrakkar Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2022
    Thank mr Steve: I have like 10 years singing. I have develop a good Head voice or mix voice with KTVA course. Some time before I studied opera singing. I was able to hit C5 and D5 hardly with my chest voice which I developed for maybe 5 years, I felt that I was pushing notes to get high, keeping me drinking water a lot. Then when I started to move into Ken Tamplin vocal academy training which my whole concept change. I started working more and more on my head voice etc. but I start losing those C5 and D5 I was able to hit before on my supposed chest registration. I heard mr. Tamplin said that chest voice starts to atrophy if we spend too much time on training head voice or pulling chest very low. I am now at volume 3, I have not bought volume 4 yet.

    You seem to suggest that you are in Volume 4 and you have lost chest range after focusing on head voice, but it is unclear.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING, you can hear my music at youtube and search for Valkeryon
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