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Struggling and feeling defeated with my voice

I feel very deflated and a little afraid these days… I feel I’m pushing a little during my workouts, not to the point of pain but it’s not as free flowing or as easy as it used to be.. I’ve lost so much confidence in my ability and to be honest I’m terrified I won’t get it back.. singing and my voice were what made me who I am. And without it I’m at a loss. Any encouragement would be great at the moment. Hope you are all doing great ✌🏽


  • TerenceTerence 3.0 Streaming Posts: 340

    ... it’s not as free flowing or as easy as it used to be.. I’ve lost so much confidence in my ability and to be honest I’m terrified I won’t get it back.. singing and my voice were what made me who I am. And without it I’m at a loss.

    You were able to make great strides in developing your voice as a reflection of your spirit during that period. Perhaps if that spirit was reclaimed its vocal reflection would follow. IOW, courage, not fear, is the way out.

    You've done it before: I've heard you.

    Also, identity does't come from voice but voice from identity. You already know that but it seems worth repeating in this moment.

    It's summer so make the pilgrimage, Louis; climb the mountain in silence and prayer and your voice will follow and likely a more powerful one for the journey.

  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    Thank you Terence, really nicely written. Makes a lot of sense as well… I’m not one for giving up! Just felt so deflated and disappointed at myself for not continuing through covid regardless … I think I will regain it. And it will hopefully come back stronger than ever. Really appreciate the message ✌🏽
  • michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 251
    Thank you for sharing your unfiltered thoughts with the community! If you want to improve, then share a video (yes video so we can see and hear you) of you singing a song or doing an exercise like the AH. Having some comments from people that understand the concepts combined with you practicing the RIGHT techniques daily WILL get you results. I have been doing the program for 1yr and it's paid for itself many times over, because I perform live shows as vocalist/guitarist every weekend.
    Share your progress and you will get feedback.

    Small correction: I saw a video you previously posted: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNMfqXznxHz/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=

    Immediately I can see the tongue is not dropped to the base of the jaw. You are singing more EE sounds there (which has a tendency to make the tongue rise) however definitely it's moving a lot and we want to "remove moving targets" as Ken says. Apply some awareness to having the tongue flat to the base of the jaw when doing your daily exercises. Practice different vowels like this and make sure to continue to remove tension. Especially when you go to higher notes your tongue and therefor larynx is rising, choking off the chords, causing unhealthy habits and restricting your higher notes from being easy and comfortable.

    Share a more recent video so we can provide feedback! Keep up it man.
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    Hey Michael thank you for the in depth reply! Very helpful, the video I sent was at the end of my Career pre covid. I had been gigging and on the road for 6 years with my band, and hadn’t lost my voice once…. So I must have been doing something right, definitely will work more on tongue placement… I think the issue for me now is I’m just a little out of practice … I’ve not used my voice consistently in that way for a while…. And I’ve been going out a little more which doesn’t help by drying out the chords …. I’m re working on my head voice and I am doing daily gentle warm ups to relax my chords and hopefully regain some notes! I have noticed already some of it is feeling a little better … I managed 3 zeppelin tunes the other day… and yesterday I sang through a portion of an old set of mine and it wasn’t terrible… not perfect by any stretch …
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    I will post a video so you can hear the tonal quality… I have been doing head voice sirens and lip trolls….. I’ve been working through volume 1 and I’ve not lost my voice so far… managed to get upto G5 every day… but it’s slightly on the breathy side and not as bright as I used to be able to do it… I saw one of kens videos recommended sirens to rebuild that head voice so that’s what I’m working on… I’m also holding closed mouth gentle gums for 15 seconds at a time 20 mins a day to relax the chords
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