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My cover of The Longest Time [Billy Joel]

Please give feedback on this cover.

I do not hear any bad mistakes myself, but I'm far away from being a pro. The highest notes are not feeling bad but they are near the limit of my current range.

How many words do you need to hear before you realize that you are listening to a non-native English speaker?

For some reason, not all smartphones can playback the second track containing the singing. That is with the speakers but with the headphones connected to the smartphone the singing can be heard as well. I wonder if anyone else has run into the same issue?



  • DannyOc3anDannyOc3an 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 593
    Hi there, it was kind of hard to hear your voice since the backing track volume was a bit loud, but I could hear it..
    My suggestions would be to minimize the abrupt changes between vowels, and approach each phrase with one and only one placement, as opposed to shifting too much between vowels in the same phrase. Have a look at Ken's "Vocal tract shaping" concept, there are videos on the course and on the PRO section in the forums, maybe youtube as well. For example, don't go OH and then a very closed and pointy EEH in the same phrase, instead set an AH placement in your throat and morph it slightly into an OH position and when you need to sing an EEH, don't close it too much, sing EH (like LED) instead, since that sound is more closely related to AH and OH, this way you make only slight changes between vowels. Your throat, vocal cavity, and jaw should be as comfortably still as possible, minimizing sudden abrupt changes; acting as a ventriloquist. Check out the "contiguous phrase singing " concept too, so you minimize the use of consonants and "m" "b" "p" letters that interrupt the continuity of your singing.. Lastly, maybe watch your larynx and try to control it better so it doesn't rise too much on you and help you create more space in the throat... Be sure to keep training the workouts as laid on the course as often as you can! B)

  • ModMod 2.0 PRO Posts: 38
    Thanks, @DannyOc3an !

    There has been a problem with some smartphones that - for some reason - occurs when playing back the track recorded using my Cakewalk home studio. Vocal track kind of fades away completely from the loudspeakers. Sounds like you actually heard my voice (there might be also a faint lead vocal included in the karaoke background) so that probably was not the issue here. I can hear my voice quite loud here - my gear is not on a professional level so that may produce a different result when the recording is played back by using other devices.

    I have had stage fright when it comes to diving into those vocal track-shaping things due to I'm not a native English speaker and there are language phone differences that are causing trouble. But of course, sooner or later it has to be done. I try to analyze and apply your suggestions for this particular song.
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