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Hi, I'm 49. I've been singing for a long time but I encountered a long period of silence after a bad experience with a blues band (too noisy, I blew my ears, spent a week at the hospital in order to prevent side effects) but a tinnitus appeared. So panicked, I though silence will erase the tinnitus, and It did but when I entered my 40's, I decided life is too short to not do what I love to do. So I started to sing again, but only with acoustic instruments. But I practiced singing so much that tinnitus came back. I understood my voice is causing it. But, I don't care and think : as long its volume doesn't increase, I can bear the tinnitus. I understood as well that with a healthy life I can manage my tinnitus a little. Anyway, I took 2 or 3 years of singing lessons with a teacher, fan of Estil method. But, I found that, even if she was really good and I improved a lot with her, I faced a kind of wall of knowledge. I don't want to be limited by my body, I want to go at the limit. In order to perform what I want to.
This is the reason why I'm thinking to start KTVA, as i saw Ken is a great performer and it seems there are a lot of performers using his knowledge. I know singing is a continuous learning
I hope I will find what I'm looking for.


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    Yes, Laurent. Singing is a continuous learning process, and you have to have a regimen of good exercises and methods in order to promote your vocal growth. If you get good information and methods, and adhere to them, you can keep increasing your capabilities for some time to come.
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