Hello from St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada

I purchased Voume 2.0 plus the Pro Pack in 2020. I'm a 59 year old music teacher who would like to learn to sing better. I've been practicing pretty much every day for the past 6 months. Over the summer holidays, I have had the chance to work more intensely for a couple of weeks and have noticed an improvement in my singing and pitch. I'm looking forward to sharing in this journey with you all. Any suggestions for a newbie are greatly appreciated.


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    WigsWigs Moderator, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 5,042
    Welcome mate, sorry for the late reply. I suggest spending as much time as you can researching old posts in the forum and watching or listening to all the student videos in the course, as well as the pro videos you can access in the forum. All these lessons Ken has with others provide very valuable insight.
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