Need Help with Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane

Greetings from Canada - Hope All Are Well.

I've been having fun working on Sweet Jane by Velvet Underground.

However, I'm struggling with two parts I am having a hard time with are the chorus - and near the end "anyone who had a heart...."

These two sections require cranking up the voice - adding power - almost yelling - I feel held back - unable to hit it.

I've got them at 0.41 - 1.25 - 2.10 in the video.

Feedback - sections to study are appreciated. Of course any criticism on the other parts is welcome too.

Thank You and All the best,




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    I can hear you have it in you to hit those notes, in fact that sounds around the mid range of your potential range. To be honest a lot about of what is holding you back has to do with technique.

    You are engaging some support on some of the song but there is a lot of room to grow your strength and consistency. Mikey Cyrus does a very nice cover of this, pay attention to how she approaches the vowles and glides through words.

    Strong higher notes also need good air management with support to let your voice ring out. Have a look at @Klaus_T page for a list of Ken's Yt videos you can use to get a simple exercise program started. Your voice is worth growing, see if it helps.
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    Wigs - Thank you very much for taking the time to watch the video and write down your thoughts.

    I appreciate the positive tone - pumps me up - helps me think I am on the right track.

    Your recommendation of Kalus T's page is something I will go through and try to improve.

    I know its in me - there is mental and technical blocks - understanding the techniques should help me break through.

    All the best and thank you once again.
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