Do you like song content?

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Hello all!
I'm from Russia and my credo is "Better than war is a Love: only Love prolongs a Life"
Eight years ago I learned about Ken Tamplin's academy from him student @Alyona Yarushina in her YouTube video and I thought - this is simple. But this is not simple.
Because I don't know English well enough to understand Ken's flamboyant speech.
Because we have different mentalitet and the work of speaking and singing muscles.
And i decides to try sing english songs on Russian, and russiab songs on English
Such I sang russian rock and i've interesting:
do you understand spirit of this song?
Yesterday i saw Ken's video about David Caverdale sing manner. And i remembered about Alyouna, her Soldier Of Fortune.
If Alyouna hear me does she sing Soldier Of Fortune on Russian as i did:
All Peace & Love, thanks.
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