Reintroduction, it's been awhile. Zach is back!

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Hey all! It's been awhile. Some of you may remember me from a few years back. I've been doing Ken's program off and on since 2018. Lately, I've been getting back into Ken's program, and currently I am really inspired to invest my time and energy into it.

So I noticed that there is now a KTVA 3.0 available. I believe I have the version 2.0. What are the differences between the two versions and is it worth to get version 3.0 if you already have 2.0? And can I get a discount for already having purchased 2.0 or do I have to purchase 3.0 full price? Thanks again!


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    hi, great to hear you are getting back into it! i think the main difference is that in 3.0 you are guided a bit more. you have day 1, day 2, ... day 35, etc and then it shows you exactly which exercises you need to do on that given day. there is some aditional content and some "turbo" exerciese, where Ken's advice is edited out so you can just run through the exercises a bit quicker. might be i am missing something, maybe someone else can add to what i said.

    if you have 2.0, i don't think you need to upgrade, 2.0 is a great course as it is. re. the discount, i am not sure. @highmtn ?
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    I believe if you purchased KTVA previously you can write to ktvahelp@gmail.com and say that you would like an upgrade to get a discount rate on 3.0.

    2.0 is still available as a download (at least for now), and some choose to purchase that rather than pay a monthly streaming membership. 2.0 is as good now as it has always been. It's an excellent program.

    On the other hand, many prefer the streaming format, and there are a lot of additional lessons in 3.0, especially in the introduction and in Volume 1. Volume 1 in 3.0 is about the size of all of 2.0.
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