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My voice flickers and I can´t see the point in build higher notes

Hello everyone

It's been like 8 months since I started seriously training with the lessons of the academy. Currently I'm in volume 2 and starting reviewing the material in volume three.

What bothers me is that, although it is true I'm actually expanding, little by little my range, and sing stronger notes, my voice flickers in the notes, and the tone doesn't seems to be improving.

I have no problem getting to almost all the notes in the exercises, but if I hold a note, my voice flickers, going flat and sharp all the time. I'm even using one of those app that show the variation of frequency and I really struggle to keep a reasonable "straight line" in the frequency graph, my voice jumps at times going sharp and sometimes flat

PD: I'm certainly trying with notes within my range and singing softly, but it doesn't make a difference

How can I address this issue?


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