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How do I build, strengthen, and make low register reliable?

Hey everyone,
Im needing some help with my voice. They're are times I can sing deep and powerful like country singer Josh Turner. Its very smooth and feels easy with alot of projection and deep warm tone (SOMETIMES). Most of the time after long warm ups and trying and trying to find that big, deep resonate vocal. I can't get to it. It sounds weak, quite, and hoarse. Without being all that deep. how do I get to it? How do I make it reliable? I've owned the 2.0 course for over a year now, it has helped alot. But not this problem.


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    Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,411
    hi, you should register for student's access, we can discuss this in more depth there.

    but i can still give you an answer here: most likely, you need to work up your range first, which is not only upwards (stretching chest) but also downwards to get the bright sound and have support down there. you might experience better and worse days, the less you are an experienced singer (i.e. training regularily for an extended period) the more fluctuations in form you will have. training properly helps levelling out the fluctuations between good and bad days (i.e good days become better days and are more consistent, and bad days aren't as bad and don't happen as often). i.e. you will become consistent. also of course with time you get better and will know the terms and techniques and can control them and make yourself sound like you want to because you know how to get to certain sounds (muscle memory). you mention resonance, this is also really crucial, and only builds from the relaxation response from keeping proper form without straining anywhere. resonance is a byproduct of correct training, if you follow the course, over the years it comes. this does take time so you need to train consistently for a while :)
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    slaughterslaughter Member Posts: 2
    Thanx Klaus, I'm not seeing where i can register for student access.
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