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Is my pitch ok ..i was told sometimes Im flat or sharp

Hello guys I have been struggling with staying on pitch while singing and from the previous video I posted here PITCH is what I was always told to fix.....I have done some pitch exercises..and this is the result



  • kworamkworam 3.0 Streaming Posts: 118
    edited October 2022
    First of all, thanks for sharing your singing! I will try to tell you everything I hear, good and bad. I think you sing well, my intention is to help you sing even better. I haven't heard the original, just your version. I looked up the lyrics so I could use them as a guide to your singing. I think it is a good idea that you posted half of the song, I can listen to every line and really dig in on each one.

    When you feel you're alone. (sounded great to me!)
    Cut off from this cruel world ("world" sounded just a tiny bit wobbly, perhaps more breathe support?)
    Your instincts telling you to run (you fell of "run" a little bit at the end, maybe that was intentional, I am not sure)

    Listen to your heart. (fell off "heart" similar to "run" above)
    Those angel voices. (you stayed strong on this to the end!)
    They'll see to you
    They'll be your guide. (both of these lines sound great to me!)
    Back home where life leaves us blind. (I like your slide down from C4 to Bf4, very emotional. It got a little wobbly at the end of the Bf4, maybe work on that a bit)
    Love keeps us kind. (great!)
    It keeps us kind. ("kind" was just a little bit wobbly to my ears)

    When I look over my feedback, it all seems to be about the last word in each line. Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope this helps you, keep singing my friend!
  • Klaus_TKlaus_T Moderator, 2.0 PRO Posts: 2,333
    you're doing well, but it can still be improved. watch your support and make sure not to let go too soon. the more you exercise, the better you will get with pitch (and everything else).
  • Paulv5Paulv5 Member Posts: 30
    @kworam wow thank you so much for telling it line by line friend๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡...the original song is in a higher key than this cover and it is really good and emotional.

    The question that I have is that wobbly sound...most of the time I have that when trying to sing softly or songs that are lower..can I fix this by using Lah exercise or breath management exercise
  • Paulv5Paulv5 Member Posts: 30
    @Klaus_T thank you friend..support is still the one thing I have to work on...Ktva really helped me a lot..
    Just one question...everytime I sing people said I am loud...but singing loud feels good to me ,and when I try to reduce volume I have throat pain and cannot hit the notes well..should I always sing loud?
  • kworamkworam 3.0 Streaming Posts: 118
    @Paulv5 you're welcome! If it wobbles, I think that is lack of breath support. Maybe try playing around with the song: hold the note for each last word for a few more beats. Make sure you take a good breathe at the start of each line. Good luck! Also, who says you are singing too loud? Do you agree with them when you hear a recording of your singing loud?

    By the way, I'd appreciate your honest feedback on my 'Desperado' post. :)
  • Paulv5Paulv5 Member Posts: 30
    @kworam ok I will try that...thank you again..
    I have given your song a listen and I cant say much as I am still pretty an amateur myself..but the cover is good you have a nice bright voice, I know its kind of ironic hearing it from me๐Ÿ˜ but there are some parts that I feel like you sound little bit off..but I know if you practise you will nail it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • kworamkworam 3.0 Streaming Posts: 118
    edited October 2022
    @Paulv5 hey, thanks for giving it a listen! I agree, there are some parts where I am off on pitch. The high notes, I think: do you agree? In the parts where I am on pitch, what do you think of the tone?
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