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nodules how do you know if you have them ?

louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
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i keep worrying im going to get nodes, how do you know if you have them? and ive heard it takes alot of abuse over time in order for this to happen? can anyone help me? im a tad worried. 


  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    I've had small nodes and didn't even notice until I went to an ENT. Are you hoarse most if the time? That would be a good indicator. My ENT told me that singers usually have small nodes just from wear and year much like a guitar player has calluses. The good news went for a check up 3 months later and they had disappeared. Nodes are usually caused by over use or abuse of the voice. Not only by singing but also by speaking. What are your symptoms?
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    well i have a cold so its could be that, im not hoarse but i keep feeling like i need to clear my throat but cant, ive been ill for a week now, i dont think ive really sang enough to get them thats what im confused about, so i duno wether most of my symptoms are just really a cold. how hoarse by the way ? im worried but part of me thinks im just being paranoid. thanks man .
  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    I'm not a doctor but you are probably worrying over nothing. Basically nodes are like a blister on your cords that eventually turn into callouses. They inhibit good cord closure which then allows too much air to pass between the vocal folds. You would notice prolonged hoarseness etc. it's probably just the cold symptoms.
  • VoxVox Member Posts: 11
    Louisjames:  you don't make sense.. Are you worried that you 'may' have nodes when trying to sing while you have a cold?  If so, then you are just being silly.  You can't obviously judge anything by that measure..
    how do you sound when you are not sick? 

    Maybe you don't truly understand what 'nodes" are? If that's the case, do some research on the internet for them, or ask your doctor...

    However, symptoms could include, hoarseness, a rough voice (like marge simpsons sisters on the simpsons), scratchy voice , harshness, breaks in your register when trying to sing (like a silent part)...
    There could even be pain, which you can feel in your ears...

    But again, do some research on the net about it, or ask your doctor...
    And by all means, don't jump to conclusions when you have a cold or something else wrong with ya at the time...

  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    well, ive been having a bit of ear ache but again could just be a sinus thing, i played a gig saturday night and got through it no troubles, i think im just being paranoid very pleased with your help the both of you. Vox i have read up on nodes but im a known hypochondriac to all that know me so i always fear the worst, and as im sure it is for you aswell music (singing) is my life and career so i was just a little freaked as i thought id had a few symptoms. Again thanks to both of you for helping me with my question. 
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