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Support needed for classical vs modern music

GuyChanGuyChan 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 168
Hey guys, I feel like whenever I sing opera (as a countertenor), I feel that I need a lot of engagement. My abs, my back, in fact my whole core is engaged and needs to be worked efficiently, so that I can have a perfect kind of resonance, that anables me to sing powerfully without amplifying the sound (and sustain the long florid passages). However, whenever I sing modern music, even when I'm belting, I don't feel like I need so much strength in my abs. Is this normal, or am I undersinging/underworking ?



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    michaelmusicmichaelmusic 2.0 ENROLLED Posts: 252
    Hello Guy, having a video would be ideal here .No matter how detailed the description of what you are doing, it won't do justice like a video does. I have had times when I felt like I had to use all this support, but what was really happening was I should have mixed more into my headvoice and should have built that headvoice more. The support was already there and flexing more felt like it wasn't doing anything more. Thanks for posting and hope to hear you sing soon.
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    JcbJcb Member Posts: 16
    Well there are some key differences. In modern singing you can cheat more. In belcanto you should have exactly this timbre and sing exactly this Note. So it gives not enough room to modulate. Also in modern singing you can transpose Rather freely in Opera not as much.
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