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I'm new to the whole forum thing so hopefully I'm posting this correctly.. I've been playing music for the past 41 years, starting with the piano, then drums, then acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and now I've ending up playing bass. Throughout the majority of the time I have been singing ( I started with a group called Harmony back in the 70's).  While I was younger I never had a problem singing for a night, or 4 hour gig at some club.

About 2 years ago I started having problems 'getting my breath' while singing.  This is strange cause I can ride my bicycle for 50 miles without any problems but singing an hour set was becoming tough. I went to the doctor to check my heart, it was fine. Then we did some pulmonary tests, again everything was fine. They ran some other tests but all was in order, thankfully... Anyway I decided, after singing on my own for the past 36 years, that maybe I would try voice lessons to help with my breathing.  In doing some research I came upon KTVA.... downloaded the course and started at the beginning with volume 1.  I was able to get about 8 days of practice in before my next gig (I took a rest day around day 6). 

Now for the results....... We did 3 one hour sets and I had zero difficulties with my breath, also I wasn't at all hoarse by the end of the night. In fact could have done more... I would honestly have to say volume 1 has been a success for me.  I want to give it another week of practice before moving on to volume 2, and we have another gig tomorrow night, so I'm not going to push it. As with all of my instruments, my voice being one of them, I like getting a strong foundation before moving on to the next level .....  Thanks Ken!


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    Great to have you here. Glad you've already seen results so quickly. Take your time watch the videos and work hard. You'll have some ups and downs but stuck with it.
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    Welcome, Buzz!

    You're a youngster, but that's OK.  Your voice is only beginning to strengthen.  Keep with the program and you will get amazing results!


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