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 I'm a Berklee grad, pro musician with 25+ years experience teaching/performing. I play piano & woodwinds and it's always been easy and natural for me to play them. Conversely, singing has always been very difficult for me. I've always wanted to be an athletic rock singer in the style of the '80's greats like Plant, Halford, Mercury, Coverdale, Perry, Neil, Graham, Hagar, Winger etc. I've taken lessons from a myriad of teachers over the years each with their own methods and guarantees of leading me to the "Promised Land" but still no luck. I just spent the past year with one such teacher only to achieve marginal improvement. Disappointed and frustrated I decided to take matters into my own hands and see if I could figure this puzzle out myself. I started to search the internet for answers when I stumbled onto Ken's YouTube channel. The thing that caught my attention was the similarity of my vocal range to Ken's. I have basically the same range as him (high baritone). When I saw him singing DIO I thought to myself "OMG there's HOPE!" (I thought us baritones were condemned to the low stuff!) The other thing that sold me was his "Proof is in the Singing" slogan. Here's a guy (Ken) that can actually sing what he teaches as opposed to other teachers that can't cop the style. How can you expect a teacher to show you how to sing athletic rock if they can't do it themselves?  My experience has been that they can't. It was a no brainer for me to sign up and give it a shot. I've already had a big break thru just with vowel mods alone. I've got an A5 coming in stronger then ever as a result of this technique. I'm in training/patience mode right now as I do the training daily, I'm excited by the prospects of this methodology. It's May 30th, 2013 let's see where I'm at a year from now!

Peace Out


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    Glad to have you on board, cybertey! Looking forward to hearing your progress!
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    Pay strict attention to everything Ken is showing you and telling you.  Put aside everything you have been taught in the past and give Ken's method your full attention. 

    One Year from now and beyond, you, like me, will know that this was one of the best decisions you ever made.  It's not easy, but it's REAL.  This is the way to get to the destination you seek.

    We're so very glad to have you on board here.

    Welcome to your new vocal home...  KTVA!


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    Hey man, I'm in the Phx area also. How are you doing with the material?
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