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My cover of "Outshined" by SoundGarden

Hi fellow singers, I am once again asking for your feedback. I would appreciate any listens and feedback:



  • RLVRLV Member Posts: 165
    Man you sure picked as hard song to sing ha! Love your vibrato and your pitch sounds good. Only critique I would say is it sounds like you're saying in head voice the whole time, there are notes where you lean into you sound adding some distorion and actually bringing some chest voice into it, I think if you could do that more consistently and bring you chest voice into it you would take it to a whole other level. But still, great job!
  • kworamkworam Member Posts: 56
    edited November 8
    @RLV Thanks for your kind words and good feedback. Yeah, I love SoundGarden and Chris Cornell. His vocals are just a little bit challenging... :). And you are right, I was singing it all in my head voice. I will try to blend in my chest voice and get some more power into it. I am still working on that blended voice sound right now.
  • kworamkworam Member Posts: 56
    @RLV I have been working on bringing some more chest voice into Outshined as you suggested. I'd appreciate it if you give my latest version a listen and tell me what you think


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