Hello from south Germany!

Os666Os666 3.0 Streaming Posts: 11
Hi my name is Oskar and after following Ken yon YT I finally decided to get the course. And WOW, the informations you get are mind blowing! It's really a lot. I'm still trying to fiind my way through the lessons, but it's getting better.

Im 36 years old and started singing in 2016 by taking 3-4 lessons with a great teacher in Poland (where I'm originally from). After 3 years I took a handfull lessons from an austrian teacher but then I just practised on my own. My biggest problem is, I often can't take private lessons because I'm working as a freelancer and aren't home for a long time.

This is the reason I decided to learn with Ken, and after over 1 year of watching his videos I'm sure, this is the right way.

And so far I'm very satisfied following along his course!


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