Scales: Lip Roll, Tonque exercise, LAH, LAA

Hi there
I've been on How To Sing for about 4 weeks now, and it seemed time to upload some scales for evaluation!
You can find them here:

Let me now what you think!



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    Good start on the Ah vowel. Yiu are starting nice and bright on the bottom. Try to hold on to the Ah vowel sound as long as you can then modify. Sometimes you are ending up on the Uh(hook) mod lower than necessary. Increase your support as well as you ascend really push down towards the top of the scale. Your bridging is smooth just watch in the way down keep your support until the scale is finished. Good work
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    Thank you for comment!
    Yeah, my biggest problem is support, I think... So i'll keep your advise in mind!

    I had another question: what do think my voice type is? I've been told I'm a baritone, but I would like to hear someone else's thoughts

    It's amazing how much progress I've made during these weeks. I can not only hear it but I can also feel it in my throat!
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